University of Nairobi Humanist and Freethinkers

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University of Nairobi Humanists and Freethinkers is a group of students at the University of Nairobi supporting the ideals of reason, science, critical thinking, free inquiry and humanist values.

Our vision is a Humanist world; a world in which human rights are respected and everyone is able to live a life of dignity. The mission of University of Nairobi Humanist and Freethinkers is to build and represent the student Humanist movement that defends human rights and promotes Humanist values.

Towards achieving these values, we embrace the following principles:

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Bill Cooke Visits University of Nairobi Freethinkers

On 10th January 2013, Bill Cooke visited University of Nairobi Humanists and Freethinkers. The event took place at graduation square and the members who attended followed topics from introduction to freethought, Skepticism and critical thinking.

Bill's visit has been published at the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry and The Center for Inquiry websites

University of Nairobi Humanist and Freethinkers Events

The University of Nairobi Humanist and Freethinkers have held several events in the past. These events have included workshops,debates, exchange programs and even invited speakers from profiled places both local and international to engage students on topics of critical thinking, humanism, freethought and the importance of free inquiry.

The group has also participated in charles Darwin Celebrations which is always organized on the 12 of February every year. Our event has been published on international website like Center for Inquiry Oncampus and Committe for Skeptical Inquiry.

The pictures above show some of the potential workshops we have organized and the membership base we have in the past interucted with. We believe that with our continual enangagement in these freethought forums, we will establish a strong impact and that most young people who will have been involved with us will lean the benefits of freethought and critical thinking.

We welcome new members!
Bill Cooke to visit Kenya

On January 7th to 11th 2013, Bill Cooke will visit Kenya. Bill Cooke is the current Director for International Programs at the Center for Inquiry. While in Kenya, Bill will visit The Humanists orphans in Kisumu, a project of the Center for Inquiry/ Kenya located in the rural of Kisumu. He will then meet with Maseno Freethinkers, a campus freethought organization at Maseno University and then hold a workshop with University of Nairobi Humanists and Freethinkers.


Bill Cooke has contributed a lot in the field of humanism and rationalism. His work revolves around re-articulating an authentic humanist world view for the twenty-first century.

His main books include:

Heathen in Godzone: Seventy Years of Rationalism in New Zealand (NZARH, 1998);

A Rebel to His Last Breath: Joseph McCabe and Rationalism (Prometheus, 2001); and

The Blasphemy Depot: A Hundred Years of the Rationalist Press Association (RPA, 2003).

We welcome all individuals and groups who would like to attend this important function. You can contact us at:


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